Market42 Media is a media and marketing company that specializes in target marketing to the specific demographic you are looking to improve on. We sit down with our clients and answer a simple questions that will give us the info needed to come up with a strategy catered to you. Gone are the days of blanket mailer ads, google pop up ads and banners on random websites. Those ideas along with the antiquated television commercial are complete wastes of money. Our ideology is to use the money you would normally spend in those areas and dedicate it to places where your customers attention already is. We reverse engineer who you want as customers and stay ahead of them in trends to make sure you are in front of them. There is no risk to allowing us to meet with you and see what plans we can structure to make your business better. 


Our founder Brian Urlage has been an entrepreneur since the age of 8 years old. At this time he would buy things like bicycles from the local police auctions and flip them to his friends after rebuilding them. This translated in to mopeds, motorcycles, cars and real estate. 

He learned from a very young age how to market to people and has successfully run businesses for 18 years. He has been watching and training on the "new age of marketing for years. Now near 40 years old he is looking to add to his legacy. He is interested in helping businesses of any size to achieve the goals they have set. Young entrepreneurs and startup companies can benefit from sometimes free or very discounted assistance. He believes in giving back to his community and Market42 is his launching pad to do just that.